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Ankiel: can he make the team?

February 24, 2006

today, i got to thinking about the bench and who would be the five players (0r six depending on if the cards decide to carry 12 pitchers or not) are going to be.
here are my five:

Gary Bennett (backup catcher)
So Taguchi (outfielder)
John Rodriguez (outfielder)
Deivi Cruz ( 3B, 2B)
Scott Spezio (3B, 2B, 1B, LF, RF)
????Rick Ankeil????? (LF, RF)

i really want Rick to make the team, but if Juan Mateo makes it as the 12th pitcher, the bench can only have 5 spots. i think Deivi Cruz should be cut since Spezio is a switch hitter, he can play all the positions that Cruz can plus the the corner outfield spots. So, that leaves room for one more spot, here is my adjusted bench:

Gary Bennett
So Taguchi
J-ROD/Johnny Load

i think Ank can be a lefthanded power threat of the bench. i also think that he can make it as a starter in a year or two (you might thinking “what the heck is he smoking or drinking or both?”). well, i think Ank is a tremendous athlete, besides, he lead the cardinals minor leagues with 21 homeruns last year. i think he has tremendous potential, he just needs the opportunity. thats all my thoughts on Ankiel.

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