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Dissectings the mailbag

February 24, 2006

I saw a new article up on the cardinals main site. its Leach’s Mailbag, he collects questions from fans and answers the most popular inquiries. he has a couple of good questions and answers on there. he predicts the division race to pan out like this:

2006 Regular season predictions
Matthew Leach
“My predicted order of finish is almost identical to last year — Cardinals, Astros, Brewers, Cubs, Pirates, Reds.”

lets see, my prediction for the division race is this: cards, brew crew, stros, cubbies, bucs and last but not least, the red legs.

Matthew Leach
ok, now on to how many games the cardinals will win this year.
Leach’s prediction: “I expect them to win in the neighborhood of 93-95 games and make the postseason. ”

my prediction is a little more optimistic, here goes: i predict the cardinals will win 95-105 games. bold prediction is’nt it?

also, he answers a question about so taguchi being a starting outfielder:

“I like Taguchi, and I understand why fans enjoy watching him play and why coaches and his managers appreciate him so much. He’s fundamentally sound, he hustles, he runs the bases well and he plays good defense. I get it.
But I’m not at all sold on him as a regular. Take a look at these numbers. A total of 35 NL outfielders received at least 400 plate appearances last year, including Taguchi, who had 424. Among those players, Taguchi ranked 33rd — or third to last — in on-base percentage and 29th — seventh to last — in slugging.
As a fourth outfielder and a defensive specialist, Taguchi is a valuable part of the team. As a starting corner outfielder, I think he doesn’t offer enough offense. ”

i totally agree with you there Mr. Leach, The So-man is best served on this cardinals club as being a fourth outfielder. he is great defensively, and can play all three outfield position. also, he is the best back up for Jed in center, after jimmy, he is the best defensive centerfielder on the club. i also agree with mr. leach that so just does not provide enough offense to be a starter, he does not have nearly enough power and does not get on base enough. i think larry bigbie will land the left field job.

Note: Mr. Leach, keep up the great work, looking forward to reading your next article. i really think you do a great job covering the cardinals.

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