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first game of the spring

February 27, 2006

i have nothing to post about, so here is a recap of the first game (it is the first coach’s game), courtesy of derrick goold of the post dispatch, enjoy!

“JUPITER, Fla. – When Rick Ankiel lined into a double play for the fifth and sixth outs of the game’s final inning inning that seemed to cinch the victory for Larry Bigbie’s team.

Then Skip Schumaker stepped up.

Facing all-time pitcher Mark Riggins, a lefty, Schumaker tagged a game-tying, walk-off solo home run. That is not a misprint, not some joke. He hit a game-tying, walk-off, solo home run – which ended the intrasquad “coaches” game, 8-8.

Add it to the list of the quirks that come from these games.

Last spring it was outfielder Brandon Berger nailing a walk-off home run in a losing effort. When there’s a coach pitching, like Riggins, and the only rule that matters is every batter gets two at-bats there are plenty of odd occurrences in the scrimmages. Scott Spiezio bounced a grounder off the L-net protecting Riggins and it was ruled a double play. Bigbie lashed one off the net and it was stung enough to be ruled a single.

So such scrimmages go.

For grins, here were the lineups for the first “game” of spring, held on one of the back-lot fields (bonus points for whoever can scout the intensive scouting that went into ordering the batters; the club’s are named after the first basemen):

1. Gabe Johnson, DH
2. Bryan Anderson, C
3. Scott Spiezio, 1B
4. Hector Luna, 2B
5. Deivi Cruz, 3B
6. Dave Berg, SS
7. Brian Daubach, LF
8. Larry Bigbie, CF
9. Reid Gorecki, RF
10. Jason Motte, DH

1. Brian Esposito, DH
2. Kit Pellow, DH
3. Iker Franco, C
4. Chris Duncan, 1B
5. Aaron Miles, 2B
6. Travis Hanson, 3B
7. Brendan Ryan, SS
8. John Gall, LF
9. Rick Ankiel, CF
10. Skip Schumaker, RF

The biggest c louts of the scrimmage were by Duncan and Ankiel. Both lefthanded hitters knocked home runs off Riggins in their first at-bats. Duncan’s was a two-run shot to right field in the, um, first “inning”. That tied the score, 2-2. Ankiel gave Team Dunc a 3-2 lead in the second “inning” with a two-run shot over the fence in left-center field.

Team Speez pulled away in the third with a chain of base hits, including a double by Berg and RBI singles by Daubach and Bigbie. Runners were on when Motte singled in his second at-bat, thus ending Speez’s swings. Kind of cricket-style, I guess.

The first four hitters of Dunc’s half “inning” grounded or flew out, but to get the necessary second at-bats the inning continued. Hanson and Ryan singled, and Gall followed with a two-run double that sliced the Speez’s lead to a run. Up came Ankiel with the tying run at second. Ankiel lashed a liner to right field; Gorecki caught it and turned the rare fifth-sixth out double play by catching Gall off second.

Schumaker stepped up, a lefty and the last hitter no matter. Riggins rocked and fired. Schumaker hit the first pitch he saw over the right-field fence to end the game, knotted 8-8.”

well, a couple of guys homered. let’s see, chris duncan, rick ankiel (he will make the team!) and of all people, skip schumaker homered! the game ended in a tie, 8-8 as mr. goold mentioned.  what do you think of the results, are you surprised by anything that happened? please leave a comment if you have anything to say about this game.

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  1. November 30, 2006 10:15 am

    Where do you find good life ,of course in the games .beause in the real life ,we have many distresses and pain, only in the games if we have enough gold to buy the good arms,and we can play the games well 🙂

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