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updates on ankiel, mateo and rincon

February 27, 2006

     leach says that rincon was supposed to arrive saturday night/sunday morning but did not. he has a bullpen session on monday, if he arrives on monday that will be pushed back. tlr are was asked about the situation, he paused and half-jokingly said “maybe tomorrow”. Rincon now is on dunc and tlr’s bad side. i think they are really frustrated with what’s going on with him. i mean he has not shown up and he is supposed to be in camp the the mexican team (WBC) by march second or third (im not sure of the date). the second story is rick ankiel has been taking reps at first base. he also is playing/practicing in centerfield. he would like to be a more versatile player so he can make the team. now he can play first base, right field and center field. the third story i heard on the radio. it involves juan mateo, the rule five draft pick. sports talk shows are saying that he did not throw during the offseason and does not look ready. this probably means that he will be sent back to the cubs. this also means that the cardinals might bring back 11 pitchers with them, which means they can also have 6 bench players. that opens up an extra spot for another player. can you say, RICK ANKIEL. i just hope he makes the team, because if he does’nt, he would have to go through waivers to get to triple-A, and thats not happening. another team is going to take a chance on this guy. so, i predict (once again!) that rick ankiel will make the team as the 25th man on the roster. what do you think? give me some feedback.

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