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spring training news: cards lefty hitting outfielder injured

March 1, 2006

Rick Ankiel injured his knee. he injured it during the first exhibition game when he was fielding in the outfield. it did not seem that bad, but when he woke up in the morning, it was sore. here is the official scoop from derrick goold of the post dispatch:

“Ankiel left the facility on Tuesday morning to have an MRI on his left knee, which started aching Monday but was more tender and painful Tuesday when he woke up. During Monday’s “coaches” game, Ankiel ran in on a fly ball early in the game and stumbled awkwardly. His home run came later. It’s possible he wrenched the knee on the play as he told reporters Tuesday that his patella tendon is sore.

A team doctor just told a gathering of reporters than Ankiel has a strained tendon and will be out for 10 days to two weeks. Joe Strauss is also reporting that Ankiel’s activities will be limited to “non-balistic” movements, but since he feels no pain hitting he can continue to do so in the cages.”

so, rick can still hack in the cages, but cannot play defense or face live pitching. he also will be out for 2 weeks. thats bad. I am officially retracting my statement that ankiel will make the team. my new train of thought; it will take a miracle for ankiel to make the team (which translates to, he has a very small chance to make the team). he will miss half of spring training which is good for the other outfielders because they get more playing time. that probably means this is ankiel’s last month with the cardinal organization. after spring training, he will have to pass through waivers to get to AAA because he is out of options, but he will not because another team will take a chance on him.  maybe we can get him back like we got tyler johnson back. this is really bad news, but we will see what happens the rest of the spring. let the drama begin! (actually, it has already started).

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  1. March 1, 2006 2:06 am

    So sad.

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