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predictions for the 2006 season (including playoffs)

March 1, 2006

here are my predictions for the 2006 season: 

lineup– eckstien, spivey, pujols, edmonds, rolen, encarnacion, bigbie, molina, pitcher

rotation-carpenter, mulder, suppan, marquis, ponson

bullpen-isringhausen, thompson, looper, reyes, flores rincon

bench– bennett, cruz, taguchi, rodriguez, spezio, duncan

win total: the cards will win 95 to a 100 games this upcoming season.

finish first in the nl central, win the the nlds in four games. then, they win the nlcs in 6 games. finally, here comes the best part, get ready (and you can quote me on this), “the st.louis cardinals will win the 10th world series championship in franchise history in 6 games.” wow, that was a brave statement, but i believe it will happen because we have been kncking on th door for a couple of years now. this is the year baby! oh by the way, we will beat the yankees in the world series. george will get all excited because his 200 milloin dollar team got to the world series and then get his heart broken when the yankees get beat badly by the st.louis cardinals.

Note: oh yeah, forgot to mention, pujols will put up his great numbers again, but this year jim edmonds will be more productive(at least in homeruns and rbis) and wins the mvp. also, mulder wins 20 games and so does carp. on a sad note, marquis will not exceed 15 wins because of his hardheadedness, and ponson wins 15 games as a cardinal. supp does his usual thing and rolen bounces back with a great year. also, spivey and bigbie will do just fine, they will be above average (that will not be enough however for bigbie. like leach said, the cardinals will probably trade for an impact bat to play left field. ken griffey jr. anyone?). those are some bold predictions, but i am sticking to them. what do you think will happen?

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