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Supp gets clobbered!

March 3, 2006

will, its only springs training, but a loss is a loss. supp went 1 and 1/3 innings and allowed 9 runs during that span. prince albert hit a 3-run homer and so did Yadier “Gasolina”. the cards had 7 hits, 7 runs and 2 errors.  voyles pitched and was pretty good. he went 2 and 2/3 innings with three strikeouts and no runs allowed.  a couple of mets had a big day. delgado went 3 for 3 with three runs scored. nady had four hits, six rbis and a grand slam. redman and reyes tripled. jimmy did not play, he’ll be out for about a week, tlr said that his hip was “barking” and that jimmy needs a week of (at least from s.t. play). will, no worries, mr. cy young is pitching tomorrow (carp) against the mets, the game begins at 6:10 central time.  final score, mets 12….cards 7. wow, baseball is back and im so excited! game one of spring training is officially in the books. cards are 0-1 after one game.thats it, and “Seacrest Out!”

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