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spring training goes on

March 6, 2006

well, mulder pitched real good yesterday, not that it makes and difference. i mean he looked good, going three innings, three strikeouts and no runs, but its only spring training. wainwright did really good. shannon said he looked sharp and that he had a presence to him. you never know, if ponson and reyes continue to struggle, he might get the nod as the fifth starter. also, ankiel should be back this week. i have changed my mind again. quote me on this, “if ankiel is cleared by the doctors sometime this week to play, he will make the team (but only if the team carries only 11 pitchers)”. maybe he can outhit j-rod, because j-rod has not hit a lick in spring training. i listened to both saturday and sunday’s games and j-rod did absolutely nothing. in other news, spivey is doing really bad. he still does not have a hit yet. it seems like he is striking out every time he has an at-bat. on the positive side, he does have to walks, lol. miles is doing real good, he is getting hits almost everytime he is at the plate. spezio is doing real good too, he is real hot with the bat. he already has six rbis in four games of spring training. also, travis hanson was good with the stick, he hit a homer yesterday, can’t say the same about his defense. he committed three errors. ok, i have to get to class, check back tomorrow for a new post!

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  1. July 23, 2007 8:59 pm

    Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

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