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update on my fantasy team

March 6, 2006

here is my team as of today:

Postion players: B. McCann (Atl – C)-C,S. Hillenbrand (Tor – 1B,3B)-1B, M. Giles (Atl – 2B)-2B, J. Crede (CWS – 3B)-3B, J. Hardy (Mil – SS)-SS, J. Edmonds (StL – OF)-OF, K. Griffey Jr. (Cin – OF)-OF, G. Jenkins (Mil – OF)-OF,R. Mackowiak (CWS – 2B,3B,OF)-Utility, L. Bigbie (StL – OF)-BN, W.Pena (Cin-OF)-BN

Pitchers:M.Mulder (StL-SP), D.Haren (Oak-SP) E.Gagne (LAD-RP), A.Burnett (Tor-SP)-P, J.Garland (CWS-SP)-P, D.wheeler (Hou-RP)-P, C.Qualls (Hou-RP)-BN, H. Carrasco (LAA-sp,rp)-BN

Ok, i have made a few changes since the last post about my fantasy team. first, i gave up on kerry wood. i tried to trade him to everyone in the league and i got not takers, so i dropped him. i picked up a good pitcher from the angels. also, i picked up larry bigbie because i anticipate that he will have a good year. also, i dropped aurilia from my team and picked up Chad Qualls from the houston astros. i was surprised no one had taken him. i predict that he will be houston’s closer after brad lidge leaves. this guy is good, he has a nice curveball, changeup and a 96-98 mph fastball. not too bad, also, i saw what he did to the cardinals in the playoffs last year. everytime he came out of the pen he shut the cards down, so i had to pick him up. this may have been in my last post about my team, but i dropped visquel because he is just too old. i picked up the young jj hardy, SS for the brew crew. this kid has got a good future and im betting it will start this year (it better start this year, i need good numbers to get to the top ranks of the league!). how do you think the team is shaping up?

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