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Jumping on the miles/spezio bandwagon

March 7, 2006

i must say, i am very surprised. aaron miles is 5 for 6 this spring training. junior spivey can not buy a hit this spring training, i mean he cannot hit a lick. hey, its only spring training, but come on you gotta hit something. he is 0 for the whole s.t., junior does not have a hit yet. i have to agree with ryan of the cardinals diaspora as of right now and say that junior seems like a bum. don’t forget about scott spezio. he might get a crack at the second base job. yes, i said it spezio, dont you remember him? he was the starting second baseman for the O.C. angels during their championship year, 2002(or whatever they call themselves now).  he was pretty good too and that was not that long ago. also, deivi cruz does not look very good according to some reports that i have read. i do not think the cards will cut him because he is guaranteed around 800k (im not sure of the amount), but you never know.

s.t. game review:oh yeah, marquis was bad yesterday giving up 4 runs, and looper was not too good either. daubach homered (not that it makes a difference, he is not going to make the team anyways) and so did chris duncan (this guy is the dark horse of the spring along with ankiel, he has been ripping the ball, he actually might make the team). the cards are now 2-3 this spring.

Breaking news: i heard jim edmonds call in to the morning grind today on kfns (590 the fan) and he said that his foot feels good and that he will play on thursday. he said that he had dinner with tony yesterday and they chatted about stuff, including his injury. he said he got it kicking a box that he thought was empty, but infact it was quite full. also, j-rod has got a sore shoulder and will not play for at least a couple of games this week. he will get an mri on his bad shoulder. i dont know how it happened, but kfns reports that he has been feeling some discomfort, and that might be the reason why he is 1 for 11 during spring training. well, thats it for today, maybe. if any new stuff comes up, i will write something about it.

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