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March 14, 2006

okay, its been a couple of days of some hard work, but im back. a lot of things happened in the last four days. jimmy played his first game, he singled, doubled and drove in a run. rolen got his first hit of spring training, and dunc and speezer stayed hot.

 ok, jimmy. it was good to see jimmy in the lineup because it is just not the same without him. he was dealing with a tight hamstring/calf and a bruised foot, but he seems to have healed. he collected two hits his first game back and he did so in today’s game also against the braves. jimmy is one of the key players on this team, if he can come close to his 2004 form, that would be a great boost for the team offensively.

now, rolen. he is the x-factor to the cards ’06 hopes to winning the world series. we now he’s a gold glover defensively, but his offense is the crucial part. he has to hit for this team to succeed in the playoffs. they might be able to get to the post season without him like they did last year, but they CANNOT win it all without him. if he can match his career averages offensively, and get clutch hits in the postseason, then that would be ideal. thats also what you would expect from one of the best players on the team.

SPEEZER. scott spezio came in as a long shot non-roster invitee (at least in my mind). now, he has made a solid statement, if he continues to hit, and it does have to be .500 batting average, he will make the team. he will force tlr’s hand because he has been so good and he can play many positions.

DUNC. chris duncan has been on fire all spring. he has been the surprise of the spring. i thought it was going to be rick ankiel, but he got injured. so, i turned my attention to chris duncan. if he keeps this up, he will force his way on to the 25 man roster. the only reason tlr would have for not putting him on the team: he wants to see chris get 500 at bats in AAA and see if he can be an everyday player in the majors, otherwise, he makes the team.

Carp. man, carp has been nasty this spring. he has not been scored on in all of his 11 spring training innings pitched. he is already on top of his game even though its the middle of march. let me ask this question; is it possible that chris is going to be better in 2006 than he was in 2005? from what i have seen and heard this spring, i believe so. if he is better, national league hitter look out because here comes the ’05 and ’06 cy young award winner. he only got one year left on his contract after this season, better lock him up quick, and he is only making 5 million this year. thats rediculous considering marquis is making 5.15 million this year.

now, the bench. since dunc and speezer will make the club (as of right now, and if they keep hitting), who is left out? lets see, bennett and the so-man make the team, and with so many good players i dont think you can afford to carry a 12 man pitching staff. so we already have two spots taken. the four left: duncan, spezio, cruz and j-rod/ankiel/luna/miles.  who gets the last spot, right now, i would go with miles. he has been hitting. luna has not impressed. John “NED” rodriguez has been bothered by a sore shoulder and i frankly dont think he will make the team. ankiel is a long shot because he also got injured. its either luna or miles. i would give the nod to miles if the decision had to be made today. he has been hitting and he can switch hit. the only flaw in his game is he can only play 2b, but i think thats going to change. we know tlr is going to play him to play him in the outfield and possibly shortstop, so he better get used to it.

i think ponson will win the 5th starter job just because he is a veteran and anthony reyes will come out of the bullpen. also, dont count adam wainwright out, he has been alright so far and if he can be better, he might make the bullpen. also, this voyles guy. i have noticed that tlr has given him a lot of innings and he has come through, he might also crack the pen as a “Pulsipher” of 2006.

well, those are all of my observations from the past week.

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  1. March 14, 2006 8:14 pm

    my mistake, there is a typing error. i meant to say the cards cannot afford to carry 12 pitchers. if mateo is not good enough to make the team, why should the club carry 12 pitchers? i dont think there is a need to.

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