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I’m back baby!

March 19, 2006

ok, spring break is almost over for me. its been a week of a lot of work and a little bit of studying. from now on, i will be posting everyday so please check back here regularly.

so, what happened in the last couple of days?

2nd base job: still no clear cut favorite. spivey has not done anything yet. from what i have read around the ‘net, tlr and others that have been watching spivey say that he is pressing. he is just trying to do too much. he has seen the success of 2nd baseman who come into the stl, do a good/great job and get really good contracts and he wants the same thing. so, the job is still up for grabs. luna and miles are still in the hunt.

left field: bigbie has not been very impressive at the plate. he has been above average defensively, but not very good offensively. j-rod has not done much also, not much offense, a couple of defensive mistakes and some mistakes on the basepads. personally, i think he will start the year at AAA. i think john gall is going to win the 2nd outfield spot on the bench. i think left field will be a platoon between bigbie and gall.

5th starter: so far, ponson has been good, and so has reyes. i think ponson will win the spot just because he is a veteran and reyes will end up in the bullpen. no matter, both reyes and wainwright will be in the rotation next year, and wainwright will spend another year in AAA.

WBC: ok, good news (for the cards). the dominican republic lost yesterday to cuba, so albert and juan will be back in camp in the next couple of days. yadier “Gasolina” has been back for a couple of days and has been tearing it up as of late. he has really improved as a hitter over the last couple of years.

also, im not liking the team we have right now, i think the cards need another “big bopper” in the lineup. so, maybe a trade will go down at the end of spring training or before the all-star break: ken griffey jr., willy mo pena, austin kurns, kevin mench, adam dunn, torrii hunter. the guy i really like is torii hunter, i mean he plays centerfield, and he plays it jim edmonds style. he would be a great pickup. we do have a surplus of pitching, reserve outfielders and second baseman. so, its not out of the question. besides, torrii has not been very happy with the twins and has said publically that he wants out a couple of times.

carp has been filthy, going 5 ip and not giving up a run and only given up 2 singles in yesterday’s game. come on, give him the cy young already. mulder seems to be sharp and seems to have his michanics problem fixed. rolen is still doing good with no pain. spezio and duncan are still hitting, so all is good in cards nation. hey everyone, only two weeks left until opening day!

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