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Ramblings(reyes, cabrera, bullpen, 2b, lf, sp)

March 21, 2006

what to say, reyes is gone in more than one way. he got rocked yesterday, he was taken deep by freaking edgar “i want 2 mil. more” renteria and jeff “i should have won rookie of the year” francoeur. no matter, the pd said that he was going to be optioned t AAA either way, if he was bad or good, when the F@#! did this happen! i thought if he did not win a starting spot he would get a bullpen job. man, im just really pissed off right now. now, i think that this was meant to happen all along, the 5th starter job was ponson’s all the way, tlr and dunc just did not want him to think they were just handing it to him. how come wainwright is getting a shot at the bullpen but reyes is not? is the organization overhyping reyes to trade him for an impact outfielder or an impact second baseman like other cards blogs have posted about(VEB, cardinals diaspora), or do the cards just want to trade this kid? im just really frustrated right now. is reyes the next bud smith? i have a lot of questions that need to be answered but i dont know who to ask. ok, im done with my reyes rant.

the cards did loose to the braves, 8-1. reyes, johnson and cali were not very good. looper, izzy and falkenborg all pitched perfect innings. this last spot in the bullpen is the real good race of the spring.

left field is still a mystery. bigbie has had tendinitis in in ankle thats why he has not been playing. he has not impressed and neither has j “ned” rod. if so is the starting left fielder im going to be extremely devastated, unless its temporary. as of today, the cards probably should trade for an impact outfielder(im looking at you torrii hunter).

2nd base is still an abyss. no one has stepped up. spivey struck out three times yesterday. miles can hit, but only being about to hit singles is not going to cut it, he is probably this year’s abraham nunez. luna is not a starter yet, i think he needs a full year in AAA. how about Scott “SPEEZER” spezio as the starter at 2b. you would not have to give up anything from your minor leagues since you’ve already got him and he is pretty cheap, at least this season.

final thing, here is a trade scenario for the guy that is said his team wants to trade him, miguel cabrera. man, would i love to have him on the team. this trade could only work if three teams are involved. we would need a team that needs a solid starting pitcher. the cards would send anthony reyes to the florida marlins. also, the cards would send jeff suppan or jason marquis (preferably marquis) to the third team involved. the third team would send a prospect or two to the marlins. if needed, the cards could send another prospect to the marlins. in exchange, the cards would get the reffered to “pie in the sky guy” miguel cabrera. im assuming that all florida wants is prospects because they are all cheap, thats why a third team has to be involved.

how would the cards afford cabrera for the future you ask? well, i think cabrera has two years until he can cash in and sign a huge contract. in two years, jim edmonds would be retired (i presume) and his 10 million could go to cabrera. you reconstruct a couple of contracts here, bring a couple of cheap pitchers from the minors to the bullpen and voila, we got ourselves cabrera. the only problem would be, where does cabrera hit in the lineup?

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