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2nd base blues (SPEEZER as the 2b man)

March 22, 2006


so, who the heck is going to play second base?

well, its not deivi cruz thats for sure. he is an infield utilityman at best, i dont even think he will make the team.

now, aaron miles is a long shot. he is average to above average offensively and he can hit left handed, so thats a plus. i have not seen his defense but have heard that is dependable at its worst level. so, he is a candidate and a legitimate one at that.

what about hector luna? walt and tlr rave about this guy and i have always wondered why. they say he has great potential offensively. we have seen what he can do on the bases, he has speed and he is pretty good there. defensively he just needs a lot of reps but he has a good arm, and he has been erroneous at times. i think he can be all of those things and he can develop into an above average 2nd baseman/shortstop offensively and defensively. whats the catch? i think he needs a who year of triple A experience for the cards to come to a conclusion on whether he can be an everyday player, a super sub, or just another infield utility player.

the coveted starter for now is junior spivey. he has not shown much at the plate. he has been striking out way too many times at the plate. he has not looked very impressive defensively. tlr seems to think that he is pressing and trying to do too much with his at bats. maybe these two weeks are just two weeks and we can take them as a grain of salt. well, maybe not. i dont think he will ever be the all-star of 2002 with the d’backs (maybe he can, but thats highly unlikely). i guess we will just have to wait and see.

last but not least, SPEEZER. i have been on the spezio band wagon ever since walt signed him to that non-guaranteed deal. he has been great offensively and seems to have regained his old form. he was the starting 1b man for the angels the year they won the world series. he has played a lot of games at 2b during his career. also, spezio can play lf, rf, 3b, ss plus the already mentioned 2b. notice i put left field first. i think he can start there in a pinch and he has been better offensively than all of the guys competing for lf and 2b. as a bonus, he is a switch hitter. here is what i am advocating, make spezio a starting player, either 2b or lf, it does not matter where as long as he starts (but i would prefer 2b). thats my rant about second base. i really hope tlr considers scott.

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