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Soriano a Cardinal?

March 22, 2006


today’s post dispatch article focuses on the possibility of the cards acquiring soriano. he has refused to play in the outfield for frank robinson and the nationals. so, they either will trade him or put him on the disqualified list.

if he is put on the disqualified list, he will not get payed his 10 million dollars for this year and he will remain with the nationals.

what would the cards trade for him and how could we afford him you ask? will, i would prefer trading marquis, who makes 5.15 million this season. that would be a little more than half of what soriano makes. also, i would include an outfielder or a hitting prospect (j-rod, bigbie, gall). why would i want soriano you ask? will, he has averaged 35 homeruns and 94 rbis with the yankees and the rangers. i would be willing to give up a little defense and live with a platoon in left field if thats what it takes. the offensive boost of soriano to the team would be huge. whats your take?

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