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injuries: The Rite of Spring Training

March 23, 2006


a couple of injuries have popped up in cards camp involving: so taguchi, jim edmonds and larry bigbie.

Jim Edmonds – OF – Cardinals
Jim Edmonds has soreness in his right (non-throwing) elbow and numbness in his forearm. He underwent an MRI today.
Edmonds said he has felt discomfort in the arm since before spring training started. “It’s actually getting better, but it’s weird,” Edmonds said. “I have numbness down my forearm. We want to go check it out. It’s been worse. It was bad the first day I got here. Swinging is OK.” Edmonds compared the soreness to tennis elbow.

So Taguchi – OF – Cardinals
Cardinals outfielder So Taguchi is dealing with soreness in his throwing elbow.
He started in center field today. “Usually when I start to throw,” he said, “I feel sore. Usually it’s gone in two weeks. But it’s taken a little bit longer than usual. It’s nothing serious.”

Larry Bigbie – OF – Cardinals
Larry Bigbie, initially diagnosed with left Achilles’ tendinitis, now hopes he has a bone bruise but fears he may have a stress fracture in his foot.
A stress fracture would likely cost him at least six weeks. MRI results were sent to St. Louis, and Bigbie was still awaiting a final word as of Wednesday afternoon. 

 (all info is from

why does this happen every spring? every s.t. towards the last two weeks someone has to get injured. jimmy should be fine and so should So. the guy im worried about is bigbie. if he has a deep bone bruise, he could be out for a month and a half. thats going hurt his chances of being a starter. maybe tlr will give j-rod a chance to start while bigbie is on the disabled list. or, john gall finally gets a shot at being with the major league club, proves himself and sticks around for a while (just a thought). the most important injury is jimmy’s elbow. he should be fine, but if it is significant we are in big trouble. jimmy said that he can swing the back and field without any discomfort, so thats good.

in other news, cards win yesterday in their game against the nationals, 9-3. jason marquis was pretty good, going 5 2/3 innings, giving up one hit and allowing no runs. albert and encarnacion was back in the lineup. the cards are now 11-8-1 in grapefruit action. today, jeff suppan will start against the dodgers at 12:05 p.m. 


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