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It’s official: Ponson wins cards 5th starter spot

March 23, 2006



so, sir “former-alcoholic(for now)” ponson was declared the cards fifth starter. what did you really expect?

i was cheering for reyes all the way, but i knew it was not going to happen. tlr and dunc also said that wainwright was competing for the spot also, i did not believe that for a second. come on people, they were playing everyone the whole time. you and i know that tony and dunc like veterans a lot more than they do talented rookies. they only give young guys chances win they have no other choice or its a financial problem, i.e. molina, pujols and thompson. it did not matter, they just wanted to say it was a competition so ponson would not think that they were handing him the job, but he was fighting for the job. that was never the reality, he had the job the whole way.

i expected reyes to at least get a shot at the bullpen, but no, he was sent down along with cali and johnson. so, why is wainwright getting a shot to crack the bullpen and reyes is not? tlr has these reasons: one, wainwright has 602 minor league innings under his belt while reyes has only pitched 239 minor league innings. two, they want reyes to work on that two seam fastball that he was forced to learn and use in s.t. finally, they would like to see some consistency out of him, he has never pitched more that 180 innings in a season (last year he pitched close to that i think). i guess these are good reasons, but why fool the kid and tell him that he has a shot at making the club, then with two weeks left in spring training shoot his confidence down and say that he will not. i should say that tlr still thinks highly of reyes and said that he has tremendous talent, he just needs to have more control and be more consistant.

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