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roster rundown

March 28, 2006

hector luna hector luna

so, it seems that some players have fallen out of grace with the skipper. in an article for the post dispatch, tlr says that luna is not guaranteed a roster spot.

well, what would you expect him to say because luna is batting .189 in s.t. with six errors. you can say its only spring training, but s.t. matters when you're trying to make the team as a bench player.

cruz has not helped his case either, batting .171 with .194 obp. i dont think he will make the team either.

the article states that there will be one or two outfielders on the bench and two or three infielders. there is no way on god's green earth the cards will carry THREE infielders (they'd better not!). they probably will carry 2 ofs and 2infs. i would take spezio and miles as the infielders and gall and Johny load as the backup outfielders.

also, brian duabach was cut a couple of days ago i believe. he accepted a minor league assignment to AAA. also, jeff nelson got cut and took some shots at tlr. he said that he could not pitch any better than he did. he gave up two hits, one run and walked three in 7 innings pitched (also struck out 7 i believe). by the way, he did not accept his minor league assignment so he got released, this way he can latch on with another team. i guess he is just sour because the other guys competing for a bullpen spot have just been better (wainwright, benes, hancock, falkenborg). the final roster cuts are coming either sunday or monday i believe. ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL OPENING DAY!

john rodriguez

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