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a look at the competition: the brew crew

March 30, 2006


after many losing seasons, the brewers final got to .500 last year. this year, they are going to be better.

capuano won 18 games last year, he was very good. so was Davis, but i think those were aberrations, they are not that good. dont get me wrong they are good, but there is no way they will be that good. also, ben sheets was injured the bulk of last year, if that happned this year, they will not have a good year. theire centerfielder is not that good either, if he does it a couple of years in a row, i will believe it (his stats from '05: .306/13/53).

this team will need sheets, their ace, to be healthy to be a competitive team. carlos lee is a really good outfielder, but he is gone after this year (possibly midseason in a trade) because this is his walk year and they cant afford him.

jj hardy, prince fielder and rickie weeks are all very good players. the problem is they have no experience. the team will not make the playoffs (wildcard) if two of the three guys step up and make huge strides, otherwise they are just going to be competitive. the brewers'  bullpen is good, especially with turnbow. that guy is a flamethrower, he had 39 saves last year, if all is good with him, he will eclipse 40 saves this season. he is going to be really good for a while if doe not get injured.

so, here is my prediction for the brewers: 85-77, 2nd place in the central, no playoff birth

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