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a look at the competition: the baby bears

March 31, 2006

cubs flag 

today i will discuss the sad state of cub nation.

so, what about the cubs? i know that everyone has heard by now, prior and wood will be starting the season on the 15 day dl. surprising is'nt it? well, not really. im welling to bet that wood goes on the dl more the 3 times this year.

enough about the arm troubles. even though i hate zambrano's gut (for the beanball he threw at jimmy), i have to say that he is the ace of the rotation. prior and wood are two and three (if they even start a game). when healthy, they have one of the most dominent rotations in baseball. well, thats never going to happen so forget about it. maddux is a year older, so he is getting worse. i dont care about the fifth starter, because it really does not matter. wade miller is injury prone, i dont think he is going to do much. now i hate the cubs even more because they released the simo-man, they did not even give him a chance.

their bullpen is good but overrated at this point, they over paid for 2 good relievers (we overpaid for 1 reliever). dempster seems to be a good closer.

now, the outfield. its bad, jacques "je parle francais pettite" jones is a windmill that cannot hit left handed pitching, so they overpaid for a platoon guy. i would rather have burnitz, atleast your only obligated to him for one year. juan pierre is over rated. he has no arm in the outfield, and he does not seem to get on base enough, at least not last year. murton on the other hand, i think he has the chance to be an above-average outfielder offensively and defensively.

lee should regress and ramirez should produce more, so they cancel each other out. man, i hope neifi gets the starting 2nd base job, wouldnt that be great? i dont know what to expect of cedeno because i dont know anything about him.

here is my prediction: 75-87, 4th place in the central, maybe next year cubbies(not).

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