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a look at the competition: the redlegs

March 31, 2006


ok, the reds, what can i say?

great offense as always, lousy pitching. for some reason, they get great offensive stars from their minor league system but have no pitching depth what so ever. they need pitching real bad. now they got arroyo, but that just a slight improvement, they do after all play in homer-friendly pnc park. their bull pen is crap, i mean no one that seems to be any good. they only good guy they had was joshua"fat" hancock. as it turns out, he is not that fat after all, and he can pitch. great job releasing him reds.

their outfield is very good and can be great. with kurns, griffey and dunn, their oufield is stacked. thier infield is alright. they got lopez, the best offensive shortstop in the nl central. he is good for 20-25 homers every year and he hits for a decent average. they actually traded for tony womak, stupid move. they think that they can get the same things out of him when he was with the cards. that was an aberration, he is never going to do that again, and he is getting up there in years.

prediction: 70-92, 5th place in the nl central.

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