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pick(s) to click

April 4, 2006


this is a new thing im going to do from now on. i will try to post before every game and give you my "picks to click" or the players on the cards team that will have the best day.

1. jim edmonds– edmonds like philly because they have a couple of guys on their pitching staff that he has hit hard. like brett myers for example (wednesday's starter): jimmy is 5 for 11 with 3 extra base hits and a 1.000 slugging average. note: for this first pick, i kind of borrowed it from matthew leach, but i will get my own pick tomorrow.

2. encarnacion- i have a strange feeling he is going to have a really good  day at the plate tomorrow.

3. izzy– comes in with the save opportunity: k, walk, walk, k, single(now the bases are loaded), k. izzy gets his first save of the season.

note: these picks will probably not come true, do not hold me accountable for anything that i write in my "picks to click" predictions because they are solely based on instincts( and maybe some stats here and there).

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