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Schumaker: cards future centerfielder?

April 5, 2006


in an article today in the post dispatch, skip talks about jimmy's guidance of him:

"Huge. He's been huge for me, absolutely," Schumaker said Tuesday. "I was very fortunate to have him with me and have him have my back. What a guy to have your back. Any questions I have, he's always open to you what he thinks, even when you don't ask."

skip seems to have been greatly influence by the best centerfielder in the game. he says that jimmy has helped him a lot and taught him many things about the game.

i must say, i never would have guessed that skip would make the team. i guess thats what injuries do for you? larry bigbie's loss is skip's gain. the plus side is that he is versatile, he can play all three outfield positions and play them really will.

the only thing that skip lacks is power. i dont think skip will ever develop into a power hitter. looking at his minor league stats, he has been inconsistant hitting and getting on base. if he can hit around .280, that would be great and also draw some walks. also, he needs to raise his obp. one thing that is a plus is his speed. he looks pretty fast, if he can steal 40-50 bases a season if he ever becomes a full-time outfielder that would be exceptional.

well, whether you like it or not, i think skip is the future centerfielder of the cards, he is jimmy's apprentice (at least until colby rasmus gets to the majors). so, in summary, skip just has to improve in some areas of his game, but what player does not? (actually i can think of one, The Great Albert!)

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