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cards edge phillies in th 9th

April 6, 2006


man, the cards won the hard way last night. schumaker was really good yesterday. he was 2 for 4 with a single and a homerun. he also stole a base which was critical for providing the first run for the cards. aaron miles drove him in.

one of skip's two hits was a solo shot, his first major league homerun. after the game, i heard there was some clubhouse celebration and i have heard that skip got a beer bath from coach walker, jimmy and some other guys. must have been a lot of fun last night.

anyway, albert homered also, his third in two games, a solo shot. man is this guy good or what? mulder was cruising along i the seventh inning. the got two outs with two pitches. then he gave up a single to howard. then came david bell and hit a two run shot. c'mon, david bell! this guy had ten homeruns all last year! oh well.

in the top of the ninth, rolen got on, and molina drove him home after skip walked to advance rolen to second. guess what happened in the ninth. you guessed it, izzy came in to get the save and he sure made it interesting.

here goes: izzy got a groundout for the first out. then he gave up a single to pat burrell. another groundout advaced burrell to second. howard was due up and he got the unintentional intentional walk. thats two on and two out. then izzy goes and walks bell. now its bases loaded with two outs. man, i really thought this game was gone, but izzy was up to his old tricks again. he induced a ground ball to albert to end the game.

man, izzy really makes it interesting does'nt he. i was about to have a heart attack, and its only the second game of the season for god's sake!

so, cards win, cards are now 2 and 0. still on tap for a perfect record, 162-0!

(Note: pics courtesy of yahoo!sports)

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