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picks to click: going for the sweep

April 6, 2006


lets see, on the first edition of "picks to click" i went 1 for 3. jimmy was 0 for 3 with two walks. encarnacion was just awful. he went 0 for 4 with a walk and 9 men left on base! man, thats bad. im beginning to think that juan hitting second is not such a good idea. maybe tlr should give miles a shot at the second spot or skip for that matter. i got izzy right though, not the way i planned it, but he got the save. here are my picks to click for the third game of the season, going for the sweep:

1. jimmy. i have to go with him again. he is my guy and he has to hit sometime does'nt he? i mean its only been two games. so, im counting on jimmy for a really good game offensively. plus, i need some good stats because he is on two of my fantasy baseball teams.

2. marquis. i think marquis has really matured over the last couple of months. if he can stop being so stubborn, i think he has the ability to be a #3 starter in the league, maybe as good as a #2 starter. anyway, just for fun, i say he goes 7 innings allowing 1 run and walking 2 and striking out 5. he will also get a couple of hits and get the win.

well, thats it for the second edition of "Picks….to…..Click"!

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