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Where is Looper?

April 7, 2006


i have been asking myself this question and im sure you have too: where is braden looper?

did he just get payed 13.5 million dollars guaranteed for three years to keep a seat warm in the bullpen?

he has not appeared for the cards yet, but all of the other releivers have appeared once, but most have appeared twice.

it seems that dunc and tlr have no confidence in this guy what so ever. why sign him if he cant pitch in a tight situation? i thought he was definitely going to pitch yesterday because i did not think they were going to use izzy on back to back days. i guess a two run lead is not big enough for looper to hold. they muust want to bring him in to pitch in a blowout, either the cards blowing someone out or they are getting blown out themselves. the latter option probably will not happen since we are going to face the cubs for three games.

what do you think tlr would do if there is another save situation today, he cant bring izzy out to pitch on three consecutive days now can he? i dont know, but if he brings in anyone other than looper in a save situation (if its there) today and its not looper, i will be very concerned.

its like this guy is not even in the bullpen, they dont even mention his name. i guess they say he was bad in s.t. and thats why they are not using him, they want to get him into a situation that is fairly easy so he can get his confidence up. i have heard that he does have a fairly fragile ego, maybe thats why. i still dont see why they did not use him on opening day, i mean the cards did have a 10 run lead throughout most of the game.

in any case, i guess we will find out this series. they will have to use him sometime dont they?

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