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what the fudge was that?

April 10, 2006


man, this has been a really crappy weekend has'nt it? i dont have to tell you what happened over the weekend do i? well, im going to do it anyway.

guess, what happened?

no, not a three game sweep of the cubs, but the other way around, our beloved cards got sweep by the "have not won the world series in a century" cubs. what the fu#@ happened? if your asking the same question, i well tell you what happned.

the bullpen sucked. the first game, we just got out pitched and outhit. no problems, the bats were cold and greg maddux was the maddux of 1995, he was real good. supp was not very good, and thats how it went. the only tally was a solo homerun by jimmy radio off of greg in the 7th inning.

now, after i finished listening/watching the second game, i really go pissed. zambrano went 6 innings with 4 k's and 2 runs allowed. carp was phenomenal, going 6 innings, with 8 k's and no runs allowed. i have no idea why tlr took him out, but he did. in came the reds' "fatboy" hancock and threw a bigmac with a side order of supersize fries and a supersizes drink, and barrett(pinch hitting) ate it right up (that is, hit a two run homer). bam, the game was tied. that was plain crap, give the fat guy back to the reds. then thompson came inning later. he served up a solo jack to d. lee in the bottom of the 8th and the cubs took the lead and never looked back.

now, yesterday's game was even worst. it really got me hopping mad. the cards were cruising along with a two run lead on a rolen two run homer in the 1st inning when jacque "windmill" jones came up with two runners on. i was sure he was going to swing so hard that he would cork himself in to the ground and create a great gust that would give a big chill to all the fans in the bleachers. but no, he had to hit a three run dinger and take the lead for the cubbies by 1. sir sidney was the one to serve up that homer by the way, but the loose was not his falt. sir albert the great got a single with the bases juiced, two men came in and it was the cards now took the lead 4 to 3. then came the horrible eighth. bases loaded, barrett came up to bat, and would'nt you know it, he got lucky again. he hit a grand slam and the game was over at that point. by the way, he hit it off of izzy, what the heck is izzy doing in the 8th inning?

well, thats what happened when the 8th inning guy is is right handed specialist, is being babied because he has no confidence and is getting paid 13.5 million dollars just to keep a seat warm in the 'pen.

ohhh, its just nice to get all of that off of my chest. ok, the bullpen collapsed two games in a row. the starting pitching was ok, but the pen sucked. i now this is only the first week of the season, but we got swept by the cubs for god's sake! may the 'pen is blowing up now so it does not blow up in october. its better to have your hickups now that october i guess.

that all might be true, but it was still a very crappy, horrible, terrible, horrendous weekend and please let's never speak of it again after today!

now, today is opening day, the cards better win today, they have to start off on a good note by beating the division leading beermen (does that sound weird to anyone?). lets get back to the top of the division and go cards!

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  1. April 10, 2006 4:33 pm

    It was a depressing weekend

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