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Bigbie is on his way back

April 11, 2006


Mr. leach has an article up on updating the status of larry bigbie.

it says that bigbie has been cleared to run and do other things baseball related. he will likey get the full rehabilitation assignment of 20. the only way i could see him getting to the bigs sooner is if he gets on a tear, which likely will not happen. why? will he missed half of spring training, the other half he was just bad. he just does not have his timing down.

he says he feels good and is ready to get back to baseball, he has been doing light work outs (throwing the ball, some batting practice), but nothing intense. he will get started on his assignment in the next week or so.

so, if bigbie comes up, who goes down to AAA?

lets answer that question shall we. its not luna or miles. miles is definitely sticking with the team. luna will probably go down when ever spivey is ready to come up from AAA (spivey is doing good there by the way).

so it cant be an infielder. its either johnny "Ned" load or skip schumaker. i would have to say that skip has to go. john gives you a lefthanded power bat off the bench even though he is a liability in the outfield. so, skip must go whenever bigbie is ready to come up. of course, thats about a month from now which is a while, but i had to ponder "who would be sent down?" here are some of bigbie's quotes:

"I had an X-ray on Friday and they pretty much released me to start doing all my stuff and try to get back in there. Today is my first day of running," Bigbie said. "I'm excited to get out there. It hasn't been any fun sitting watching the games on TV."

Bigbie has been able to swing the bat and throw while he rehabilitates, increasing the chances that he can begin playing games in short order. It's likely that he will have a lengthy rehabilitation assignment, as he received only three weeks of game activity in Spring Training.

"Hopefully, this is it," he said. "I don't want to see it anymore. I want to get out of there."

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