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picks to click

April 12, 2006


lets see, last time i picked eck, je, mulder and juan to click. i was 2 for 4 as eck was good and mulder was phenomenal. here is my picks for today's game:

1. Jimmy ballgame: i know your getting tired of this (i think i am too). jimmy is going to break out, and today just might be the day. definition of break out: a homer, with a hit or two on top and at least 2 rbis. maybe throw in an amazing grab since this is #15 we are talking about.

 2. marquis: he is really going to be fired up i think. he is going to pitch pretty good, at least going six innings, but probably seven or eight. also, he is going to be jealous of mulder and try to hit a homerun (and he will!).

im staying away from encarnacion because he seems to be in a deep slump. tlr, please get him out of the #2 hole i beg you, put anyone who starts in left there, or even give miles a chance at the 2 hole for god's sake!

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