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pondering Marquis

April 12, 2006


marquis is a very good pitcher. he has great stuff and he can throw hard. on top of that he can hit. so, why has'nt he lived up to the expectations?

stubbornness that's why. why do you the think the braves traded him? he would never listen. he tried to blow everyone away which one cannot do to big league hitters. that's why he lost 7 straight games last year.

Jason really has great stuff: two seam fastball (bread & butter pitch), curveball, cut fastball and changeup.

if he uses his two seamer (sinker) 80% to 90% of the time, he should be able to get a lot of ground balls which is what tlr and dunc like to see. the problem, again, is that he is hard headed, he does not want to listen. in Atlanta, he wanted to blow everyone away. the last couple of years with the cards he was being to cute and/or falling in love with his breaking pitch. he was not listening to dunc.

at his best, marquis is a #3 or maybe even a #2 starter. he has great velocity and a 4 pitch arsenal. i see no reason why he should not win 17 to 19 games annually.

marquis has a lot more upside that down side. plus, he can really hit. on the day he starts, the lineup has no holes in it if everyone is right.

let's just hope this is the season he gets everything right, because if he does not do it in a cards uniform, he will do it with some one else.

if that does not work, he can hit a lot better than our rightfielder and out leftfielders, so he can convert to an outfielder(just kidding, or maybe not….).

those are my two cents on marquis.

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