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MVP (Most Valuable Pujols)!

April 17, 2006


pretty good weekend overall would'nt you say?

friday, it was a pitcher's duel. who would of thought aaron effing harang would beat the '05 cy young award winner in a pitchers duel. the ironic thing was that harang drove in the only run of the game with a bloop single, man that was just plain good luck. it was a good cutter in on his hands that he just got enough wood on to bloop it over the 2nd baseman's head.

of course, that would have never happened if jimmy had not committed that error in centerfield, his 3rd in two games. so carp is 1-1, but he is supposed to be 3-0. the offense has really been erratic. i think we really need to deal for a bat by the july 31 trading deadline to go anywhere in the playoffs this year.

saturday's game was a very good one also. the offense came alive and sir sidney or "heavy P" as danup at the GUB likes to call him, was very good. he only gave up two earned runs, one on a solo shot by dunn in the top of the first. albert hit one deep and so did, luna, yes luna. actually luna was 3 for 4 i beleive and got 3 rbis that day.

sunday, was the best day. johnny load got the start in right and came through in the 1st inning when the cards were down by a run with a 2-run triple. i think tlr should really give him a chance at the leftfield job because johnny can really hit. so, albert had a two run shot, a solo shot and then a walk-off two run shot. scott had a solo shot as albert and scott went back to back (first time it has happened this year). albert's 3rd homerun probably would have never happened if it was for Juan "snoop dogg" encarnacion had not dropped the easiest double play for an outfielder to make. if he had made it, the inning would have been over  and the reds dont score two runs to take the lead. so, the bullpen was really not as bad as it looked.

now, thats the recap of the weekend. im refreshed and almost over my cold, cough and fever and ready for a new week. here we come Pittsburgh!

(photos courtesy of yahoo)

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