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picks to click: carp starts rubber game

April 19, 2006


ok, so yesterday's picks were crap. b-loop did not pitch. scott did not hit that will, and neither did any other cardinal (except albert and david). now, supp. what the hell is wrong with him? he pissed me off so bad that i dropped him from my fantasy team. so, i went 0 for 3 yesterday, much like most of the cardinal lineuup. today's picks:

1. jimmy baseball: he is back in the lineup today. he pinch hit yesterday and i believe he struck out. he is batting around .150 now. this cannot be the end of the road for my boy jEd, i've got him on my fantasy team and im counting on him. come on jimmy, i need a couple of hits and an rbi or two.

2. carp: he seems to be better than last year. why? he has been on since the second game of the season compared to late may or early june last season. look for another dominent start (cross your fingers). come on carp, we need to take two out of three from these nl-central basement dwelling buccos.

3. albert: lets not forget the prince. he is on fire and still blazing the ball out of the park. another homerun yesterday, that makes 10 homeruns on the season. he wil keep doing it, why do people even pitch to albert? i dont get it, i mean all he has behind him for protection is scott rolen (for the time being at least).

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