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Down on the farm

April 20, 2006


ok, today im going to take a look-see at what spivey and bigbie are doing in AAA and also some other notable players.

spivey: 51 AB, 12 hits, 0 hr, 14 walks, 9 SOs, 4 SB, .418 OBP, .294 SLG, .235 AVG

everything looks good except for one thing, he needs some more hits. he seems to be doing great getting on base, a lot better than what he did during spring training. he also cut his strikeouts dramatically, thats a very good improvement. the only thing he is lacking is hits. if he can get his average up to .280-.290 and sustain it for a couple of weeks or so, he will be back in the big leagues in no time.

bigbie: 6 AB, 0 hits, 0 hrs, 1 walk, 5 SOs, .143 OBP, 0 SLG, .000 AVG

bigbie has not been doing good in the early going. he has only been sent down recently so dont be too alarmed. he did not get much playing time in s.t., that seems to explain why he has been striking out a lot, and he has not played for a while because of his injury. the cards will probably keep him in AAA on his rehabilitation assignment for the full 20 days unless he really pounds the ball before the assignment is over.

John Gall: Individual Stats (Batting)


 14  61 7  25  5  2   0     9   34  4    3    0  1  .439  .557 .410

as you can see, john gall has been pounding the ball. like danup at the GUB said, what does this guy have to do to get a callup to the big club? skip has had his 15 minutes of fame and has fizzled out. people have figured him out. he is a first pitch fastball hitter, so people are not throwing him many fastballs, at least not when he expects them. so send him down and bring up gall for god's sake.

 Chris Duncan: Individual Stats (Batting)


 13 52  4  12 2   0      6   23  5   22   0   0  .298 .442 .231

so, duncan has not continued the tear that he was on in s.t. he is not doing very will. the only thing that is good to see is the homeruns, 3 in 52 at bats, thats good if you as me. also, he has been playing RF, so he is getting used to his new position.

 Anthony Reyes: Individual Stats (Pitching)


 0  0  3.44 3  3    0    0    0 18.1 18 10 7   3   1  17

Mr. Reyes seems to be doing really good for the time being. he has not won a game because the team is pretty bad right now, they have 2 wins and 12 losses. the most impressive thing is his strikeout to walk ratio. in 18.1 innings pitched, he has 17 K's and only 1 walk. thats pretty good if you ask me.

well, that was the first edition of down on the farm. periodically, i will check and see how the kids are doing, mostly in AAA.

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  1. April 23, 2006 3:52 am

    I don’t think Spivey’s going to be coming up unless someone gets injured. The Miles/Luna platoon is doing just fine for now, and I don’t expect it to drop off any, and Spivey’s batting in the notoriously hitter-friendly PCL isn’t exactly sparkling. He won’t be able to translate his walk-rate to the NL, and the hitting component of his high OBP is bad even for AAA second basemen. (He’s 23rd among the 30 PCL second basemen, 25th in slugging. Bo Hart is literally hitting with more power than Spivey: they both have three doubles, and Hart hit them in less than half the ABs as Spivey; Bo Hart is not better than Miles or Luna, and Spivey is even worse.

    As for John Gall, he ranks 12th in OPS of the 52 PCL outfielders with 30 or more at-bats. He’s truly tearing the cover off the ball down there. Put that into this perspective: the sixth best hitting outfield in the PCL so far this season is Mike Restovich who the Cubs added to their roster while Lee is healing, and he’s looked so far in his career like a decent fourth or fifth outfielder. Skip Schumaker’s been hitting the ball hard–just right at people–so I wouldn’t say that he’s fizzled. Skip might be better off playing everyday in Memphis, though, and Gall’s in his last option year, so now’s the time to see what he can do.

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