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picks to click: cubs vs. cards

April 21, 2006


lets see, last time i picked jimmy, marquis and pujols. jimmy did pretty good and so did marquis. im going to count albert's day as pretty good because he got on base three times with walks even though he was 0 for 1. so, went 3 for 3 last time, a perfect record! 

lets got for two straight perfect records,these are my picks for the three game series with the cubs:

1. mark muldoo: he has been really good so far this season. he faltered a little but that was after he got hit with a linedrive off of his knee (inner part). he should be fine and pitch pretty good tonight. also, ponson and marquis both are runner ups in my picks to click, they will both have good games too.

 2. jimmy "the greatest centerfielder during my lifetime" edmonds: he got things started yesterday against the pirates. look for j to the e to breakout in a big way. either that or stink up the place, it really depends on how he is going.

3. Gasolina: molina has been silent for a couple of games now offensively. i would expect him to hit pretty will during this series.

4. The obvious: pujols and rolen, i dont need to say anymore.

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