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Wuss popping! (including picks to click)

May 12, 2006

so, whats going on cards nation! no, i'm not dead…yet. finals were crap, at least a couple of them. a lot of studying i did, many sleepless nights i had, sleepless in st. louis the the last month of my life can be titled (that was my best yoda impression. dont know why i typed that, but i had to get that out of my system).

 know, how about them cardinals. still not in first place, but the division is shaping out nicely. the cubs went on a long lossing skid that i dont know if they snapped out of yet. the 'stros did the same, 6 game lossing skid, but they won last night. the red legs are still winning, but stalling somewhat. thats not going to last for long. by  june first, the cards should have sole possession of first place in the nl and the best record in baseball.

 so, what else did i miss. yeah, that guy, what was his name again? that right, EL HOMBRE. the great albert is still putting on a show. 18 homer and counting. i mean why do people keep pitching to this guy, i would have thought they've known about him by know. these managers are idiots, every manager thinks that he has the right formula to pitch to pujols in which he gets himself out and not do any damage offensively. no manager has done that successfully. what the great albert has proven is that a team can never, EVER beat albert pujols, but a team can beat the cardinals.

scott rolen is back from his mysterious sickness. he is hitting, but why has he not driven in a run in a very long time. that gets me to thinking about john rooney. the guy is great, better than hagin, at least to me. my problem with him is his homerun call. he seems to anticipate WAY too many times! twice with rolen, he said "ITS A GONER!" and said it very loudly, but it was not a homerun. the ball bounced off of the yellow line. this did not happen twice, but more than five times, but who's counting. mr. rooney, dont get me too excited, please make sure that it leaves the park before you call it.

now, the man that im counting on, jimmy edmonds. when i left the blogospere, he was hitting about .154. today, when i checked his stats, he is hitting around .243. thats pretty good. his power seems to have been sapped by that shoulder. the cortisone shot did not heal it totally, but i expect that jimmy is going to be hitting .270 in a couple of weeks. he will also need shoulder surgery at the end of the season. this might actually be a good thing for the cardinals. if the cards can get jimmy a new contract, that is an extension. something like two years for about 6-8 million a year. hey, whatever jimmy's like for his last two years, he is still worth more that encarnacion.

bigbie's back and he is stinking up the place. he sucks, i mean he can play some defense, but we already have a defensive specialist in so taguchi, we dont need two of them. he took gall's spot in the roster. that not fair, all gall got was 12 at bats, just 12 for god's sake! i thinking tlr has it in for gall. he must have done something to upset him; maybe sleep with one of his daughters, or worser, treat an animal badly; maybe kick a dog or throw a cat or something.

rincon is out for the year, nice knowing you guy, thats the end of that chapter. skip is gone, falkenborg is up and he deserves it, but not in that situation in cincy. also, tyler johnson is up, but why? if your looking for another LOOGY, you've got carmen cali. i really like this guy. he is left handed, and can pitch to both lefty and righty hitters. he has a 95-97 mph fastball and he seems to have better control of it. johnson was bad in AAA, with a era of 8+, which is bad. i know cali did better than that.

so, the cards are only a game back in the division and entering a three game tilt with the d'backs.

yes, you guessed it, "picks to click" is back.

1. jimmy ballgame. he is going to hit a homer today, no doubt about it. he has too. its been more that a week. so, he seems to be due. lets say a homer, and at least a hit on top of that with a couple of rbis.

2. muldoo. in his last three starts he has been bad. i say he is going to turn it around today. 7 innings, 6 k's, 1 earned run.

3. EL HOMBRE. when will people ever learn. dont pitch to this guy.

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