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random thoughts

May 17, 2006


i have been hearing a couple of trade rumors that has surfaced about the cardinals. the main one is the cards interest in alfonso soriano. looks like bowden is asking for two top-tier prospects for soriano. that's a joke, but i would give up reyes or wainwright but not both. also, through in bigbie and/or taguchi and/or gall. we dont need this many guys to play one position. if the cards get him to play 2b and not lf, then throw in a 2nd baseman and/or a left fielder.

i would really like a left handed power bat such as: ken griffy jr., adam dunn, torii hunter. hunter is not really a power bat, but he has some power, and he is a very good defensive player. we could go with just a power hitter period like: carlos lee, austin kearns.  i would take any of these guys. i think the mets really need another starter, and by the end of july jason marquis will be the first one traded, possibly to the mets. i'll take a top-tier outfield prospect from them for marquis.

now, about yesterday's game. man, i almost had a heart attack because of the great one. when he fell, the cards season flashed by right before my eyes. i thought it was all over because he was laying on the grass in pain. thank god he is alright, or at least he is just hurting, but not injured. jimmy is now is the owner of an eleven game hitting streak. as noted by my fellow bloggers, its been mostly singles. he has only two extra base hits, a homer and a double. i think he is going to bust out with some extra base hits, i dont think he has turned into a singles hitter yet. supp was servicable until the seventh inning. i guess if EL HOMBRE does not hit, we probably will not win. thats probably how the season is going to go.

why is'nt j-rod hitting second yesterday? how does tlr know that he cant hit lefthanders, he is just 0 for 1, you cant judge on that. i say give this kid a shot full time and see what he can do. at least just ride him out until he cools down from his torrid streak. just play him tony, play him please!

what the hell is bigbie doing on the big club, he does not deserve to take up a roster spot. so they paid him 900 k, so what? they are paying spivey 1.2 million but he is still in AAA. all he has is three singles, two infield and one broken bat single down the middle. i think he is a scrub. i thought the centerpeice of the ray king trade is miles, i thought it was going to be bigbie. he got overhyped.

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