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game thoughts & looking at the kc series

May 19, 2006

first of all, great game today. pujols got a much deserved day off and the cards got a win. its like a two for one deal. i guess tlr would count that as two wins because he got to rest his superstar, picking up a win today was just a plus. speezer did a pretty good job, going two for four with two rbis. eckstien has been upbelievable so far also. he went three for four with two rbis. he has played 358 innings this season of the total 362 innings this season. that is just amazing, he is about 160 lbs. and 5’7″, thats unbelievable. i still remember what that punk jason stark said two years ago, “eckstien is the worst free agent signing of this off season”, what a bunch of bullsh**t.

jimmy is on mini slump, not getting a hit in the last two games, but he has gotten on base though. he walked today and yesterday. when he is not hitting, you can usually count on jimmy for a walk a day. rolen seems to be steping up during the slumps of albert and jimmy, albert of 0 for his last 11 and edmonds is 0 for his last 10 i believe. thats alright, they will get their swings back this in the next upcoming series almost garuanteed.

also, we will get a chance to see our old friends grudz and reggie. after that, we go to the circus that is pacbell park, thats what i still call it at least (giants). we will see mattymo and mike matheny, hopefully morris is going to start against the cards during that series. i would like to see how he pitches to the lineup that had been backing him up for many years.

now, last time’s picks to click. they sucked, period!
for the kc series:

1. Carp. i think this would be the best game for carp to get his groove back. what better team to do it against than the miserable royals, the worst team in baseball.

2. molina. man, he has to hit sometimes. he is hitting around .160, i’ll say he gets his average to at least .200, or above. if he cant hit royals pitching then i dont know if he can hit anything.

3. johny load. he is going to hit a homer i kc. comeon, not a single dinger this season. i know this guy has power, he just has not shown it yet. he did hit a long drive in houston like 420 feet, but he got a double because of that huge stupid centerfield.

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  1. July 21, 2006 8:34 am

    thank you for your work

  2. July 21, 2006 8:37 pm

    no problem, happy to do it!

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