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looking back at the past

May 19, 2006


so, how are the "replacement" players doing in the spots of the players that were not kept by the cards. instant breakfast replaced reggie. luna and miles replaced grudz. let's see how their numbers compare so far (im too lazy to calculate the numbers, so i just thought i would articulate from the info on VEB):

grudz vs. miles/luna

grudz is hitting .319/ .359/ .415  while luna and miles combined are hitting .333/ .432/ .447.

so, so far the cards platoon has doing better than expected. they are actually better than grudz. the season is only 25% of the way done and the defense is just not the same. grudz is exceptional defensively with an amazingly strong arm and a nack for turning the double play. luna is very athletic and shows flashes of brilliance to allure us, but turns around and makes two errors. miles is steady defensively, but does not get to as many balls as grudz and luna can get to. the problem with grudz is his health. that is why he was not signed. he has back problems, he has had some minor problems early on this season by nothing too major.

ecarnacion vs. reggie

instant breakfast is hitting at a clip of: .221/ .250/ .360 and reggie is very similar at: .226/ .245/ .415.

both strike out way too many times, and both have five homeruns. juan has driven in 14 rbis while reggie has driven in 16 rbis. so, they are basically the same player offensively. they are different defensively though. reggie seems to be average. juan is average, but has lapses in concentration and makes stupid mistakes and he has some flashes of brilliance such as a great catch here and there. so, pick your posoin and i would rather have encarnacion because he is younger and more durable.  

in conclusion, the players that we let go are no better than the players we have now, at least with 1/4th of the season over with. overall, walt seems to have done the right thing. he spent less money to get better or equal results, so it worked out both ways (exception: reggie and juan are both being payed 5 mil., reggie for 2 years and juan for 3 years).

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