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barry’s homerless game & other thoughts

May 23, 2006


so, bonds did not break the record against mark muldoo or any of the relievers that gave up a ton of runs, but not a homerun to barry. personally, i hate barry. i hope he never hits number 715, but i have to be realistic  because he will defeifnitely. i just hope its not against the cards. the pefect day to do it is today i think, and he might. you know why? its jason marquis pitching. he usually hangs a couple of breaking balls or throws a couple of straight down the pipe fast balls. if barry does not homer off of marquis today i will be shocked.

 what has been forgotten is that the cards had their five game winning streak snapped. too bad, i thought they had something going there, oh well. how many homers does albert have, 22 i think. no other player on the cards roster has more than 5 homers, thats it, five. jimmy and scott seem to be experiencing a power outage, because jimmy has not homered in 2 weeks i think and only has 5 dingers. scott only has 4 homers. what the heck is going on, i mean speezer has 3 and so does luna. instant has 5 homers for god's sake, FIVE! how the heck did he hit five. he seems to pop up everytime he comes to bat. the whole team has 46 homers in total, albert has 22 of those. he constitutes almost 50% of the homerun production on this team. if it stays like this, juan is set to hit 20 which is what i expected from him. jimmy is set to hit 20, which is at least 10 below what i had anticipated. i estimated jimmy hitting around 30 homers, not a measely 20! scott is on pace for about 18-20 long flies. thats below average, but for a guy coming off of major shoulder surgery thats not bad. i had guessed he would hit around 25.

a couple of guys had mentioned maybe that edmonds had turned into a singles hitter. they might be right, i mean during his 11 game hitting streak he was hitting .444 but with only 2 extra base hits, a homer and a double. the problem is that i believe his shoulder is still bothering him. he going to have surgery on it in the offseason. so, he has become a singles hitter, its better than him trying to pull the ball and either strike out or flyout/popup. maybe the cards can get him at a discount rate say an extension for 2 years at 6 million a year instead of picking up that 10 million dollar option. that gives ownership 4 more million to play with and not to have to worry about centerfield for a couple of more years. if they dont keep edmonds, the team would be a mess next year. i mean you have 4 starting pitcher free agents, left feild and centerfield; thats just too much. thats about all i had on my mind for today.

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