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thoughts on a day of rest

May 25, 2006


so, that was a great game yesterday.

the cards have been really good ever since they lost four straight games to the 'stros and the reds in early may. they are something like 14-4 since then. they have one a lot of games so far, and hold the best record in the national league.

so, how did they compile this record? one word, pitching. the offense has been sporatic at best. it does not even remotely resemble the offense of 2004 or even the offense of 2005.  the only reason the cards won this many games is that one guy.

whats his name? EL HOMBRE thats who. this guy has been the offense of the whole team for two months now, which is about 1/3rd of the season. he is the best hitter in baseball, but he still cannot do it by himselft. someone has to step up. by step up i mean power production and driving in rbis.

jimmy edmonds and scott rolen, im looking at you guys. these guys must step up. i know j to the e still has an aching shoulder, but he is still getting paid 12 million a year. and if he continues to play at this level the cards wont pick up his option or give him an extension.

now, rolen is an exception. he had major surgery in the offseason. so, i still give him a month or two to get his power back, but he should be hitting more doubles if not more homers.

also, j-rod should be starting leftfield every freaking day, against left handers and right handers. why the heck does so taguchi always pinch hit for johny load? that better not happen again. i know john will not hit .400 at the end of the year, but he can hit .280 to .300 the whole season.

now, the pitching; the starting pitching has been exceptional. ponson has really surpassed my expectations. he has been good. supp is supp, he is steady. marquis is mediocir, which is what he has always been. carp has been very good, but not at the same consistancy as he was last year. mulder is still not living up to expectations, he has not been the second ace that the cards hoped he would be. they gave up enough talent to get a flamethower and they got a very good lefty.

i think one or two of the starters should be trading by the trading deadline. the two guys i think should be traded are mulder and marquis. i think supp is just as good as mulder but he is right handed and gets paid less. plus, you can get a lot more for mulder than supp. marquis is the second best bargaining chip. i think if wainwright and/or reyes are put into the rotation, they would improve the rotation because they have live arms and can throw harder. i dont care if we have a left hander in the rotation or not, it really does not make a differenc to me.

the bullpen and the bench has exceeded my expectations. i think everything has worked out in both areas of the team. luna and miles have both been very good. bennett has also exceeded my expectations.

those are all of my thoughts about the first 1/4-1/3 of the season.

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