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confessions & random ramblings

May 31, 2006


so, i have not been posting very often, and im very sorry about that. i have been very busy for a while now and will be all summer. i dont want to bore you with details about my personal life, but i must.

lets see; im doing an internship at a hospital, studying to be a realtor, trying to find a part time job and will be taking two physics courses in a week. thats a lot of things to be doing.

still, i will not abondon you, the reader. i will try to post at least 2 to 3 times a week from now on. i will tell you the truth now, i wont be back to posting everyday until school starts up again (that is, late august to early september).

its weird, but it seems that i am busier during the summer than i am during the normal school year and it should be the other way around.

enough about me. what about the cards? the went into san diego and salvaged a game out of three from the padres. thats alright with me. the west coast has been bad to the cards in their history, but not this time. they went 6 and 3 on their trip, and i will take that any day.

just as i am typing, the cards are playing in the 12th inning during the rubber game of of the series. the cards won the first one, and lost the second due to freaking hancock. what are you going to do? cant win them all i guess. reyes was great again, striking out seven batters i believe.

walt better hurry up and trade marquis before he goes on a loosing streak again. can you believe it, he is 7-4 the leading starting pitcher on the cards' staff with 7 wins. walt better hurry up and trade him for pat burrell or bobby abreu of that sort; just trade him for a bonafide power hitter. thats what we need, and we will not win a world series without one especially with edmonds being out for the last couple of games and not knowing what is going to happen with him or if he ever will get his power back.

even if he is okay to continue on playing this year, he wont get his power back until he has the surgery on his shoulder during the offseason; and who knows what edmonds is going to be like after the surgery? also, burrell is only 29 years old and abreu is 32 so that would make the team a bit younger.

carp went on the dl, but im not too worried. he should be back next week and he should be just fine. pujols is still pounding the ball, he has 24 homers and 65 rbis and counting. he is unbelievable isnt he?

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