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is it almost time to say goodbye?

June 1, 2006


……to jimmy edmonds.

i hope not, serously i would really be disappointed if this is the end of the road for edmonds.

if jimmy goes on the dl for an extended period of time, the cards will not pick up his option at the end of the season for 10 million dollars. also, they can give him a pay out of 3 mill. which he probably wont take.

what has happened to the best centerfielder of this decade? is it over already, man it went by fast. he has become a contact hitter this year because of his bum shoulder. i guess that cortisone shot did not do much but help j.e. get on the field to play. he is going to have to have shoulder surgery at the end of the season (i know you're tired of hearing this because i have repeated it many times, but i must repeat it again).

so, what to do now, what happens to jimmy if this is a season ending or prolonged injury?

now, the cards are going to need to trade for 2 bats instead of one. one bat that hits for power and another that hits for a high average and drives in runs.

that means 2 starters are going to have to be trade if the cards really want to go for it all this season. the scary thing is, the organization might not make a move because they think they are fine just because the cards are sitting atop the nl central.

so what? have we not been here for two straight years? we get into the playoffs but fall short, and in 2004 just short of a championship.

personally, here is what i would do if i were walt. trade two starters and encarnacion. the two starters should preferably be mulder and marquis.

first of all, mulder would have the most value on the trade market. also, he is the pitcher will have the least chance to sign, because he will probably make at least 12 million per year. look at it this way, burnett got 55 mill. for 5 years and he has a career win loss record below .500, and mulder's lifetime record is 50+ games above .500 or something like that.

it would not surprise me if he gets 15 million a year for 6 years. marquis is another guy the cards cant sign after this year. what the heck are they going to pay him? already he is making more than carp. you cant pay marquis more than carp, it is just not logical.

marquis is an up and down pitcher and he is hardheaded/stubborn. why do you think atlanta gave up on him? he has all the talent in the world, but cannot harness it.

 i say the cards should trade marquis and encarnacion as a package for a centerfielder such as mike cameron of the padres or torrii hunter of the twins. these two would have solid averages and drive in runs, either one would be good to fill edmonds shoes at least somewhat.

now, mulder is the guy you trade for a power bat. power bats such as; burrell, abreu, carlos lee, ken griffey jr., adam dunn, etc.

once that is done, the cards can work on edmonds extension. they could give him a one year extension for 6 million with an option year depending on health or a team option for 6-8 million dollars.

if all of this is done, i would be very happy. realistically, all of this won't happen; so i would be satisfied the cards make 2 out of these 3 moves.

still, i hope this is not the end of the line for the best centerfielder since the 1999/2000 season. he has made some spectacular catches and had some clutch hits through out his career with the cardinals.

i just hope he has 2 more really good seasons left in him, and  i am not counting this season.

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