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what the f@#* just happened?

June 5, 2006


so, friday was bad enough?

saw what happened during saturday's game did you?

will, that was crap, we are screwed, the season is over and lets go into rebuilding mode.

…..just kidding, well partially. albert's out for at least 2 weeks, i'll guess he will be out for a month.

i think he will come back either early july or after the allstar break. man, he was having one of the best seasons in baseball history and then that crap happened. will, what are you going to do? we just have to live with it.

good news, jimmy is back. i guess we have not seen the last of j.e. which is a good thing. he surprisingly got 3 hits after a week of sitting on the bench. he also got a booming double which i thought was a homerun off of the bat. its good to see jimmy sowing some power. hopefully, jimmy can get hot and hit for power.

more good news, carp is coming back and will start tuesday against the reds. thats very good news.

man this rotation has been horrible as of late; supp, marquis and mulder got bombed. mulder got bombed TWO GAMES IN A ROW! if he had any trade value, it just went down the drain.

like i said before, TRADE MARQUIS NOW! his value could not get any higher. i mean come on now, he is tied for is 2nd in the mlb with EIGHT wins. thats a joke, how the heck did he accumulate 8 wins already. walt, please trade this guy while he is gobbling up wins, because he is was not very good his last start.

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