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tumbling down

June 8, 2006

…….the standings that is.

so, we got swept by the reds in a three game series. that has not happened in a long time i guess because i dont remember the last time they swept us in a three game series.

it was not just a sweep, but they wopped the crap out of the cards, but it was our team's mistakes that did them in just like in the chicago series.

if izzy had not walked two guys and if rolen had not missed that ground ball we would have won that series.

if freaking izzy does not throw that fat pitch to griffey and if our pitching staff does not make aurilia look like albert pujols, we would have won this series.

those are  a lot of ifs, but all of those ifs could have been reality, but unfortunately were not.

why? well, what happened to the cards over the last 10 games (3-7 in that span) is a wake up call to the organization and the team.

the cards have many holes on their team that need to be filled. we need a power hitter in the outfield. we need pujols back, and might even need another decent bat.

we need izzy to staighten out and get his mechanics right again. we need mulder, marquis to be traded and reyes/ wainwright to be inserted into the rotation.

all of those needs could not be realized if the cards did not go on this skid. if they were winning, the organization would just sit there happily in first place not willing to do anything to improve the team for a world series push.

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