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picks to click:brew crew edition

June 9, 2006


let's see, the cards did not even play yesterday but they still fell out of first place. they now trail the reds by a half game thanks to the cubs who got pounded by the reds yesterday 7-1.

of course, who are we to talk, did we not just get swept by the reds?

i just hope the cubs can still a game or two from the reds. i cant believe it, im actually rooting for the cubs for the first time.

also, houston also won yesterday. seems like they are starting to wake up from there slump. the 'stros are about 5 to 6 games back of the cards.

come on cards, lets get some wins. i would like the cards to get 2 out of 3 from the beermen and sweep the buccos. let's go cards!

ok, here are my picks to click for this weekend:

1. encarnacion (instant breakfast). he has been hot lately. hopefully this is the juan we will see play for the rest of the season, not that other bum that showed up to play april and may.

2. jimmy edmonds. i really hope he gets into a groove. he needs to feast of the brew crew's and the buccos' bad pitching and start driving in some runs. he has to pick up the slack for pujols now that he is back in the lineup and pujols is out for an extended period of time.

3. Johnny load. hopefully john can get some at bats during this roadtrip and keep hitting. he also needs to demonstrate that he has some occasional pop in his bat, and not just a batting average. i dont know what's going on between him and tlr, but it seems that tlr does not want him to play at all. i cannot figure out why. does anyone know the reason?

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