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series in review

June 19, 2006

great. yes, the colorado series was great for the cards.

they were very impressive during their last series, especially the starting pitching. it seems to have finally gotten back on track.

marquis was great and so was supp who picked up is 100th career win. carp was he great self again and so we got the sweep.

this is what i have been looking forward to, this is how one breaks out of a pitching funk.

now, the offense. it was very good. there are two sticks that are on fire right now and they are rolen and encarnacion, i mean these guys are tearing the cover off of the ball. keep it up guys!

strangely enough, the cards have scored around 6 runs a game since the great one's injury, how weird. at least they are showing they can do it without him, at least for a short period of time.

so, ponson is now a middle reliever and i did not see it coming. why? just because he had two bad outings, so what? look at what marquis, mulder and supp have done before having their good starts recently. why is ponson on the short leash?

is it because he makes the least money of the three or the team does not want to pay him his full 1.5 million in incentives. probably a bit of both.

so, im guessing reyes is coming up to take over ponson's spot in the rotation. this should be very good for the whole pitching staff. the bullpen improves because of ponson, he seems to be the first time and a half through the lineup and then he blows up.

heavy p can give the cards a strong middle releif guy that can go 4 or 5 innings when they need him too. maybe now they can send brad thompson(baby face) down to AAA to get whatever is wrong with him fixed…. and let him take hamcock with him.

im really excited to finally see reyes in the rotation, that is if they decide to put him in the rotation because tlr has not confirmed it yet. i think he is an ace in the making, and for right now, he is the second best pitcher in the rotation.

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