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the nightmare continues…..

June 28, 2006


8 in a row………And the loosing streak continues.

So, after sweeping Colorado I thought things were going to go well after that. The pitching had seemed to get back to normal with Jason marquis and supp pitching well and so did carp.

It was all downhill after that however. How can you give up 20 runs in one game? I don’t know but they did. To top it off, the pitching gave up 13 more runs and lost again. Like that was not enough, reyes lost a heart breaking game one to nothing because he make one mistake to jim thome. By the way, is he a cards killer or what? Seems like every time he plays the cards he hits a homerun.

Ponson was surprisingly good on Sunday, I don’t know why tony took him out in the 8th inning. There was no reason for that, he had only thrown about 79 pitches at the time. Then, tlr took him out and flores took over which is when I know the game was over.

Marquis is back to his hardheaded self. I say throw him in the bullpen and use him for mop up duty until he can get things straightened out. All tlr and dunc would have to do is put Wainwright in the rotation.

Pools is back and the cards are 0 for 6 since his return to the lineup. I certainly don’t blame A.P. for it, but offense has not been producing. Eckstein and rolen have cooled off the so has the offense along with those guys.

By the way, jimmy edmonds birthday was yesterday and he turned 36, so happy birthday jim! By the way, I think jimmy has been playing hurt all year. At this rate, his option will never be picked up. I just hope he can turn it on in the second half because without him, the cards wont go anywhere.

Ever since spring training, it had been reported in the newspaper that jimmy baseball would need shoulder surgery. So, he is not 100%, and on top of that, the abdominal wall strain did not just go away. Also, he got a slight concussion I Chicago, so that has some effect.

If the cards don’t get a left handed power hitter, or at least power hitter, they wont win anything.

Right now, I cant believe they are still in first place. They lost 8 straight and still have a 2 game lead.

that’s is just unbelievable. that’s how bad the division is. Right now, I getting de ja vu of 2003 when the cards lost their division lead and ultimately lost the division to the cubs.

I hope that wont happen again. Fu#%, sh#$@, son of a B!O@#. sorry about that, I had to get that out of my system.

Now, about trade rumors, I really don’t feel like talking trades right now, but maybe in a couple of days. Talk to you then, next week that is.

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