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first half review

July 13, 2006


First half review

A lot of things happened during the first half of the 2006 season. First, albert got out to his best start ever offensively cranking 14 homeruns I believe and driving in an insane amount of runs to go with that.

Izzy came out shaky, had a nice month or so and then hit a large speed bump. Now, he has two good outings under his belt. lets hope he can build on that.

The bullpen overall has been a disappointment. Hancock and izzy have been average at best. Flores, Johnson are just bad. Braden looper is getting paid too much to be a right handed specialist. Thompson was average for a while until his sinker disappeared and then he became very hittable.

The rotation started out good but ended up really shaky. Carp has been Carp. He has been very good but not cy young good so maybe he can crank it up a bit.

Suppan was decent until he just blew up, but im not too worried about him. He will straighten himself out.

Marquis is just a hardheaded guy. I think he should be traded sooner than latter, while he has 11 wins and is leading the league in wins.

Ponson was just a project that just did not work out. So, that does not really matter to me.

Reyes should have been in the rotation from the beginning, but now he is in the rotation and he is here to stay. He needs to be a little more consistant. I like what I saw because his bad day is giving up 5 runs while marquis/mulder/supp’s bad days are giving up 9 to 10 runs. So, ill take him over those guys anyday.

Now, mulder. You know what, mulder should have been traded a long time ago. When he was decent, he would have been the guy that held the most value and we might have gotten a top flight outfielder for mulder alone. Now, we are stuck with him and his bum shoulder.

Scott rolen has been very impressive, ahead of schedule and his power numbers are back. Eckstien has been great offensively and steady defensively.

Encarnacion is doing what is expected of him. By the end of the year, he should have about 20 homeruns, 80 to 90 rbis and an average between .270 and .280. Anything above that would be great. I still think the cards overpaid for him though.

Jim edmonds has not been fully healthy all year until a couple of weeks ago. He has been hot, and hitting for many extra base hits. His amazing defense is back also. Lets hope he stays healthy for the rest of the year.

Second base has exceeded my expectations. Miles has been decent, but Luna has been great. My problem is I think that luna should get 60 to 70 percent of the time at second base and not miles. I know tony likes a left handed bat out of there, but luna is just better offensively and defensivly.

Luna has speed and extra base pop, and he hits for a really good average. He plays above average defense also.

Miles is just an empty batting average and nothing else. He is good defensively when he gets to the ball, but there are a lot of balls that he just does not get to (but luna does).

Left field has been a disappointment. Taguchi has been average at best. J-rod has not been very goood. The obp and power from that position has been horrible.

I would platoon Duncan an spezio for the rest of the year because they get on bas and have extra base pop.

Last but not least, the pleasant surprise, Wainwright. He has been great, and continues to pitch will except for the last couple of times out, be has not been very good. I think he is going to get aback on track.

That was my first half review.

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