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getaway day

July 20, 2006


The winning streak is over and so is the homestand.

So, what have we learned about the cards?

Well, they go as the pitching goes. If the cards get average to very good pitching, they will win the game, if not they are screwed.

Marquis became mr. hide instead of dr. jekel again, giving up more runs than I could count. The bullpen also stunck that knight.

Weaver, weaver, weaver. He is no better than sidney. I mean, heavy p had a better debut for the Yankees going 6 and some innings giving up 4 runs; while weaver gave up 6 runs in 5innings I think.

So, its his first start, I’ll give him that. I will give him one or two more starts to straighten out. If he can be the second Jeff Suppan of the rotation, I will be very happy.

Also, what we found out about the rotation is that we have got one hell if a hammer, and his name is carp. He was solid last night, going 7 innings, striking out 6 and giving up only 2 runs to an offensive that has been blowing people away.

Reyes is the second hammer, but we cant depend on him as much as we do on carp because he is a rookie and he needs some experience. He is very solid though and has the potential to be a #1 starter.

Duncan has been very good, but we still need a left fielder.

I have a solution for the left field abyss. His name is Shea Hillenbrand. How about it? The blue jays don’t want him. They released him or put him on dfa list or whatever they did to him because they don’t want him anymore.

I think he would solve the left field problem. He is a power hitter who also hits for average and drives in runs. He is also set to hit about 30 homers this year.

So, lets go get Hillenbrand now, jocketty please pull the trigger and quick!

Something good also happened to the offense over this home stand.

Jimmy ballgame has awakened from his deep sleep and has been hitting for extra base hits left and right. This is the guy we will need in the playoffs.

Without jimmy, we will get nowhere, so he must hit for us to succeed. Good job jimmy and keep it up!

Now, lets get ready for the dodgers because we are starting a ten game road trip and its starts in LA. Look out cards, brad penny will look for revenge tomorrow!

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