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July 27, 2006


……Here we come!

The first part of this 10 game road trip has been pretty good for the cards.

They are 5-1 after 6 games with 4 games left in Wrigleyville. The pitching has somewhat straightened out, especially suppan and carp is carp.

Marquis is the same old hardheaded marquis, he will always be consistently inconsistent. That’s what we will always get from him, no more and no less.

Reyes is still finding himself and seems to have an internal conflict with himself. Dunc and tlr have been preaching pitching to contact.

Reyes is not a contact guy, he likes using his high riding fastball to strike guys out and make them swing and miss.

Tlr also wants reyes to use his changeup to some batters as the primary pitch with breaking balls.

That is just not reyes, he is a fastball guy that uses his great change to compliment his fastball. Hopefully he will soon straighten himself out.

The jury is still out on weaver, I give him a couple of more starts to straighten himself out.

Lil’ dunc has been very good lately, but lets see what he does the second time around when people actually have studied his tendancies like what pitches he likes and which he does not like.

I still think we need a solid bat for left field either a carlos lee/alfonso soriano or a second tier outfielder like luis gonzolez.

Pools is still amazing and rolen is the same out rolen. The bullpen is getting better but I think we need an experience situational lefty like one of those two leftys in Philadelphia’s bullpen. I really like cormieux (spelling?).

Edmonds has been on fire! He hit 7 homers the first three months of the season but has hit 9 homers in july and the month is still not over! Keep at it jimmy. I repeat if jimmy doesn’t hit in the playoffs, we most likely will not go very far in the playoffs.

Its back: picks to click; Wrigley edition

1. Carp. Carp has been on a roll. The main reason I picked him because I cant wait to watch him pitch against zambrano, this Sunday’s game is going to be great! Carp will have to be even better than his normal self against zambrano.

2. The Great Centerfielder. I’m picking jimmy mostly because I need some fantasy points and also he is my favorite player. For his sake, he has to do really will and keep hitting for power if he wants his option to be picked up.

3. The obvious, ALBERT and SCOTT.

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